SYNOPSIS: Mshale, a Mount Kilimanjaro tour guide, dreams of marrying a white woman and moving to the West. Sprite hates white people and sets out to decolonize what he deems “his mountain”. Henry and Frannie are white missionaries who claim to be Tanzanian. As the four journey up to the roof of Africa, the looming ghost of colonialism dictates who gets to reach the peak, and who gets left behind.

Cast Size: 4

Awards and Honors:

Finalist - Bay Area Playwrights Festival, 2021

Development History:

Creative Project Development Lab: Directed by Aaron Moss, Stockton University, Stockton, NJ, 2021

Aye Defy Story Space: Directed by Bianca LaVerne Jones, Aye Defy, New York, NY, 2020

Langston Hughes Festival: Directed by Alex Keegan, Yale School of Drama, New Haven, CT, 2019​