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In the fictional village of Kabus in Northern Tanzania, only the men enjoy sex. Tumaini and Chilyawanhu are "happily married": Tumaini daily fulfills her wifely duties, and Chilyawanhu is running for chief-hood. An unexpected change in the family threatens to destroy their fragile illusion of happily ever after.
Cast Size: 5


2023 Playwrights Foundation Bay Area Playwrights Festival (Semifinalist)

2021 A is For Playwriting Contest (Second Place Winner)

2020 Playwrights Realm Scratchpad Series (Semifinalist)

Development History:

Reading (dir. Tatiana Pandiani) A is For, 2022

Reading (dir. Maeli Goren) Yale Cabaret, 2020

Workshop (w Robert O’Hara) Yale School of Drama, 2020


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