Dismantling Eurocentric Beauty Standards: Colourism

co written with Kerin Shilla

"We are socialised to associate a woman’s beauty with the lightness of their skin. Dark-skinned girls grow up being teased with statements such as “chausiku” (dark as the night) or “mweusi kama mkaa” (dark like coal). The term “mweupe” which simply translates to “white” is automatically accepted as a compliment in Tanzanian society."

Full Article in English: https://www.tzfeministcollective.org/post/dismantling-eurocentric-beauty-standards-colourism

Full Article in Kiswahili: https://www.tzfeministcollective.org/post/tuvunje-viwango-vya-uzuri-vya-kizungu-na-kikoloni